Can a Simple Morning Routine Help You Achieve Your Goals?

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asked Aug 12 in Routing by francenefrayer (2,785 points)

Whatever you do will be aimed at fulfilling your definite  Spiritual Laws Of Money Review major purpose which is the pinnacle of successful living. In life we gather baggage in a process called GROWTH. The kind of EXPERIENCES that we come across (good or tragic) form the basis of our CHARACTER and CONDUCT. Be careful not to inflict injury on others as a result of bad emotional seed sown in your life. People who have grown up with wounds all over their soul tend to injure others as part of their second nature. Sadly they take no notice of it and the injury is propagated in huge proportions through the generations. 

Many people are emotionally overweight unknowingly. Get rid of excess baggage (bitterness, anger etc.). It is not worth carrying around It is easy to compromise the ULTIMATE for the IMMEDIATE, PRESSING and URGENT. Just because you want it badly does not make it necessary for DESTINY FULFILLMENT. It is so easy and possible to get what you WANT and lose the precious things you HAVE. You can miss DESTINY because of DESIRE to quench DESPERATION. 

Nothing is worth losing destiny for particularly the temporary things. FOCUS on the ULTIMATE and refuse enslavement by the IMMEDIATE. Your success hinges on this. No matter how deep and wide your wisdom can be, there are things your mind can not predict / deduce such as your number of days here on earth. Life is too short to be lived MISERABLY and PURPOSELESSLY. Without PURPOSE and VISION, you are just living in the flesh but carrying an R.I.P tag. (Rest in Peace).

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